Ghana, Stand up! It’s been a while since we took you to West Africa, hasn’t it? We’re kicking off this new week with a beautiful record from Ghanaian Songstress — Cina Soul.

Photo courtesy Cina Soul

“Die 4 U” is a mid-tempo Afrofusion track. The production is very carefully crafted in a manner that allows the instruments to shine. It sounds as though all the instruments were actually played live. Cina Soul bares her heart on the track as she confesses to a lover that she is ready to give her all for the said lover. She is willing to die for them. The rich tone of her voice combined with the excellent production makes this tune such an enjoyable listen. See for yourself below!


South Africa is unofficially regarded as the home of African hip hop. Having provided the continent with some of its greatest rappers including the legendary HHP, AKA and Casper Nyovest. These men have inspired a generation. Our recommendation today is brought to you by one of the front runners of that generation — Benny Chill with the track Yebo

Picture by Benny Chill

Off of his 2020 Ep “Rising son” ; Yebo is a high octane trap record tailor made for anyone trying to start a riot especially at a concert. It is the type of record that when performed; the artist has to do very little; because its repetitive hook combined with its heavy drums, will do the job of keeping any crowd hype and engaged. Listen Below!


Another beautiful Monday is here! So you know that means we’re going to give you some great music to start your week with! Todays Edition of the column is brought to you by Egyptian-Ethiopian Act- “Alewya”

Picture by Alewya

The song “Sweating” is an infectious dance song with heavy afro-pop drums. You literally can not hear the song and not move. Doubt us? just listen to it below.


It’s a new week so you know that means we’re going to provide you with the soundtrack to get your day and week off to a great start. Todays edition is brought to you courtesy of Nigerian Highlife Duo — The Cavemen. with the track “Beautiful Rain” off their debut album “Roots”

Picture courtsey The cavemen

The song is a perfect fusion of classic highlife and more futuristic leaning sounds. The Caveman. through this track have found a way to make highlife sound both nostalgic and fresh. Listen for yourself below!

Every now and again, African acts seek collaboration across the ocean with their American counterparts. The result is often times a mismatch of sonics. However, in 2017 when South African Rapper Kwesta, Linked up with American/Nigerian veteran rapper - Wale, The result was a glorious track.

Picture by Kwesta

Kwesta’s laid back rap style is present on the song , while Wale’s high energy verse is the exact opposite. The contrast of their styles is what makes this song work so well. Listen for yourself.


South Africa STAND UP! Your weekly dose of great music is brought to you by South African Rapper — Moozlie with the track “I’m a star”. Currently, female acts in Hip-Hop are killing it all over the world more than ever before; and Africa is definately not left out.

Image courtesy Moozlie

Produced by Zoocci Coke Dope, “I’m a star” is an infectious hip-hop tune with an extremely heavy base accompanied by resounding vocals from Moozlie. She decalres over an over that she’s a star in a boisterous manner on the songs chorus. If you need a fire cracker tune to start your day or to partake in any high octane activity; you’re in the right place!


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